The Short Sale That Got Away

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The short sale completion time often is due to the particular lender involved and the complexity of the short sale. Things like the number of lien holders, liens against the property and private mortgage insurance can all be factors in whether a short sale will take extra time.

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1099 Misc for Short sale incentive.. You, the seller, are then free to walk away, and the new buyer gets clear title to the home. If you plan to take advantage of the Mortgage Debt Relief Act, report the amount of debt forgiven on irs form 982 and attach it to your income taxes for the year.

For too long, the experience of going through a short sale had come up, well, short.. To avoid kicking the existing homeowner out to the curb, the lender can't require a closing earlier. As in, each seller leaving their home will get $1,500.

A short sale in real estate is not always a pleasant transaction, but short sales have come a long way since 2006, so don’t sell the concept short. Our present economy does not mean that short sales have gone away.

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What is a short sale? If you become behind on mortgage payments, a short sale might be the way to sell your home without going into foreclosure.

The reason most agents discourage short Sales is that in spite of warning the Buyer that this can (and will) take months most Buyers do not have the fortitude to wait 4,5 or even 6 months. Most Buyers are seduced by the idea of purchasing a home at a below market price, but after about 4 or 5 weeks they give up.

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