Liberty Health Services $12 Million Convertible Note to Fund…

While Tuesday wasn’t a great day for stocks generally – the S&P was off 0.26% as health care. of perpetual convertible preferred. Nearly all of the outstanding debt is in the form of senior.

Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc. raises $12 million to finance factory, fund business development, and deepen R&D

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The Company expects to use the net proceeds of the offering (including from any exercise by the initial purchasers of their option to purchase additional notes) to repay all outstanding indebtedness of $12.75 million under its existing credit facility, to fully fund a $2.0 million cash collateral account contemplated to secure its obligations under its credit facility as amended in connection.

Established in 2008, Liberty Health is a leading health insurance solutions company in Africa. The depth of our knowledge and expertise comes from working with an extensive network of health care professionals and multi-national clients across the continent. Together we create world-class solutions for corporate clients, medical schemes and individuals across the African continent.

The calculation excludes the effect of 2.9 million shares of dilutive securities from the mandatory convertible preferred. $148 million from TWG and $12 million from Assurant Employee Benefits and.

After subtracting $600,000 from the net income of $12 million, this leaves $11.4 million (earnings available for common stockholders). compute eps (earnings available for common number of common shares outstanding = $11.4 million / 5 million shares = $2.28 per share EPS).

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November 2018 – Harborside raised approximately million usd in a Series B Convertible Debenture financing. The lead investor in the financing was Navy Capital, with participation from Tidal Royalty Corp., Salveo Capital, and other investors. ascend wellness is a vertically integrated cannabis company.

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Please note. of up to $3 million in preferred equity. Calm has funded $2 million of the $3 million preferred yesterday and will fund the remaining million by December 31, 2018 subject to compliance.

Venture capital fund 94V Co-Invest L.P. of Denver has issued $12 million in pooled investment fund interests for a new fund, according to a Form D filed on Oct. 4. There were 55 investors.

How Convertible Notes Work Americann, which had 19.366 million shares outstanding as of Feb. 12, 2018, has a convertible note that could add 1.073 million shares based on the $1.50 conversion price, as well as 12.156.