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. to be from the IRS to to notify the government of the scam. If an identity thief gets hold of your Social Security Number and other personal information, they may file a.

In response to a tide of tax fraud and identity theft, the IRS has implemented new tax return safeguards in 2017 and expanded others in an effort to minimize these risks. Some states have also added.

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As part of its initial statement following the breach, the IRS has promised to free credit protection for affected taxpayers. Finally, the plaintiffs are asking for "after-the-fact identity repair.

IRS: Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft For 2016, the IRS, the states and the tax industry joined together to enact new safeguards and take additional actions to combat tax-related identity theft. Many of these safeguards will be invisible to you, but invaluable to our fight against these criminal syndicates.

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Identity theft is a serious. Worse, some unscrupulous tax-preparers have been known to file fraudulent tax returns for their clients and pocket the refunds. In either case, the victim finds out.

The Taxpayer First Act making its way through Congress includes an identity theft bill that would require the IRS to act when someone makes unauthorized use of an individual’s identity.[.] The post congress considers irs identity Theft Bill as Part of Taxpayer First Act appeared first on Tax & Accounting Blog .

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