Investment Principle: Diversification Is Kind Of Good (The Banks We Didn’t Buy)

Like many young people Curtosi wanted to buy, but didn’t. bank holds the primary mortgage, the seller could lose their investment and an expensive and lengthy legal fight could ensue. Also, because.

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What good is diversification in investing? Isn’t it actually good to invest in just one thing you know well and can understand, then be very careful about it? For instance, most homeowners have much of their wealth in their home, not scattered into numerous places and most small business owners have the bulk of their wealth in one business.

Buffett has advised in numerous articles and interviews that a good investment strategy is long-term and due diligence is the key to investing in the right assets. Edward O. Thorp was a highly successful hedge fund manager in the 1970s and 1980s who spoke of a similar approach.

For us, Merchant Banks are very good. investment banking, they are doing very well. We do not have any of them in Nigeria today and we believe we should occupy that space. Bear in mind that ours is.

 · About 2 months ago, I decided to begin investing at, a peer-to-peer lending platform. Peer to peer lending is a method where investors like you and me can provide micro loans (as small as $25) that get pooled together for someone that needs the loan.

The basic idea behind diversification is that the good performance of some. a bank stock, a grocery stock, and a healthcare stock, you'd be investing in stocks. to diversify a stock portfolio in a cost-effective manner (remember, buying and.

2 days ago · I think in the context of the other global investment banks, we’ve actually performed pretty nicely here, and as Dave said, actually, the backlog in the investment bank, which has really been the.

Three years later, Deutsche made an even more emphatic attempt to buy its way into investment. bank announces its final 2016 results, which analysts estimate will barely show a profit. Brought in.

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We’re. biggest investment theme that everyone has just gotten plain wrong. Still, we would argue that it’s dangerous to focus too much on the experience of the the recent past ("the fallacy of.