Diversity Is Not Our Strength

Diversity is not our strength. Hungarian prime minister victor orban, "Mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one." https://t.co/ZlMXzcc87w – Steve King.

Sanders: Our strength is in our diversity My real point: indeed, diversity is NOT our strength. Our strength lies in maintaining the rule of law and standing firm for the fundamental freedoms guaranteed to us by the Charter. Our strength lies in maintaining the rule of law and standing firm for the fundamental freedoms guaranteed to us by the Charter.

Diversity Is Not Our Strength. America is on the decline because we have a group of people who want to change our culture our history our values and our religious beliefs, and the Democratic Party goes along with that sentiment. Yes, the Democratic Party has changed also in the past 50 years; they have become a dangerous party that must be stopped,

The oft-repeated mantra, "diversity is our strength" is just false. Diversity can be "a" strength. Or diversity can be a destructive force. Diversity amongst a people who are ferociously committed to shared values and vision and goals can enhance their ability to achieve their goals. But their strength is their unity.

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The diversity is our strength proposition is so clearly the opposite of the truth, so more clearly with every passing day, that the efforts that are put in place by our elites to maintain it must become exponentially more egregious.

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Diversity is not a strength when the subject population does not hold to common ends and does not agree to play by common rules (the means). In such a case, diversity is hell. If the diversity of hell is where you look for your strength, feel free to welcome diversity as it is celebrated by the broader culture.