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Student loans can make it more difficult to qualify for a mortgage because lenders look carefully at your monthly debt obligations when deciding if you can afford home-loan payments. lenders typically want your total monthly debts, including your new mortgage payment, to equal no more than 43 percent of your gross monthly income.

Can I Buy A House With $138,000 Of Student Loan Debt? Getting a mortgage with student loan debt is more difficult, but it’s in no sense a deal breaker. Factor the loans into your calculations; if you work out your DTI before you go to a mortgage lender and you know that you’re below 36%, then that’s already half the battle.

It's an old joke that's quickly becoming reality for many student loan. She borrowed $71,175 to get her college degree back in 1999.. In 2013, for example, 63% of older student loan borrowers also owed mortgage debt, 67% owed credit. could ease the burden on the over-60 student loan debtor group.

For mortgage borrowers who have student loans in deferment, there are options. According to mortgage experts, because the FHA is calculating the monthly student loan payment to be 2% of what is in deferment, borrowers who get their loans out of deferment and start paying them back will likely see a lower debt-to-income ratio.

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Hopefully these new student loan and debt exclusion policies are helpful to you in your mortgage process. If you would like to get started online, you can get a preapproval or full refinance approval online through Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans . If you’d rather get started over the phone, one of our Home Loan Experts would be happy.

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But the mean student loan debt provides only part of the picture.. who took part in masters and doctorate programs, carry student loan debts that exceed $100,000.. attempting to qualify for mortgages were saddled with a burdensome way of calculating. If you are part of the latter group do not hesitate to reach out to us.

(Credit card debt and student loans are unsecured.) The following four key consumer loans affect how much house you can afford in different ways. Read on to find out what steps you can take to improve your credit if you have these loans (or are considering them), so you can qualify for the best mortgage.